Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Corporate Film & Presentation in Vadodara

Corporate Film
Corporate Film are the reflection of culture, values, beliefs and ethics of the society we lives in. Similarly, Corporate Film or product film or TV Commercial is the mirror of company’s objective, entity and image towards its stakeholders. In this techno-savvy era, corporate minds utilize this medium effectively to reach out the nook and corner of the modern business world to express the appropriate and clear message through visual and interactive manner depicting products and services they deal with globally. We want your ideas to come alive through Corporate Movie with best of content and visual treatment.
At Corefocus we understand the client’s vision and aim behind making the Corporate movie and we portray it in the best possible way. The Corporate movies are scripted, developed and directed in a manner that bound the audience to watch and analysis the motive. There are end numbers of reasons to build Corporate Movie and videos; for internal and external communication purpose of a company. Corporate profile have a cluster of applications i.e., you maybe want to produce a Corporate Movie for training and motivating employees or maybe you would like to promote new products and convince your potential clients about the services.
Corefocus create your TVC that visualize your company’s objective with best of content and visual treatment. A Corporate Movie is a reflection of corporate identity and strategy. While making Corporate Movie or TV Commercial we present first with composing Script, than after approval of Script we formulate story board that convey client to how the Corporate Movie is going to make. Once story board is approved from client we will give voice over sample to client it may male and female voice as per need we take record of voice over. On third phase we will make video shoot for factory or office as per need, and on final stage we will make editing in the entire Corporate film contains raw footage, voice over, multimedia animation and final product will get ready to publish for TVC with its small version to be play on YouTube.

Corporate Presentation
Corporate Presentation are normally frame to project the company’s philosophy, achievements, resources and mission that enhance not only its corporate image but also exhibits credibility before its potential and existing clients. A Corporate presentation is different than PPT presentation; that major contains forms of animation and media. The good Corporate presentation exposed increase sales while your sales team showing your business to your customer. Multimedia based Sales or Corporate Presentation able to retain and understand information much better than simple PPT presentation.
Corporate presentation is an excellent way sustain high impact of audio/visual communication with your target audience. Viewers never feel bored and in fact love to watch the animated presentations. This directly support the presenters with holding client’s interest and successfully deliver message.
Corefocus team will provide you the best Corporate presentation with Video and 2D / 3D animations. With this Corporate presentation you can smoothly managed with navigation like to play and pause, go to back slide and stop voice, view full screen and many more like this.

Watch our some Designed Corporate movie and Videos.

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