Thursday, 26 July 2012

7 Free Business Listing Sites to Help Your Local Small Business Get Noticed

If you are a small business owner looking at starting a local search marketing campaign you’ve probably already realized that there are a lot of free business listing sites available. And it can be a lot of work and take a lot of time submitting your business to all of those sites. So it’s important to you that you get started with the right submissions. The ones that offer the most bang for your time. So to help get you started here are 7 of the best sites to submit your business listing too. Of course you won’t want to stop here. This is just meant as a starting point. Here are two things for you to consider though. One keep your listings consistent by using the same basic information and two be as complete as possible with every listing.

1. Google Places - Of course Google is the de facto place of all the free business listing sites. Google gets more searches than any other search engine. But with Google your listing can really gain some traction. If you haven’t already noticed Google searches include maps when that search is local. So your listing can end up on the map. It’s not guaranteed but with a little bit of work it can happen. And Google can bring you a lot of customers. No one can tell you what exactly it will take to end up on the top of a local search for your type of business. But claiming your free listing is the first step to take. That’s for sure. One note about Google Places. They’ll want to verify your business exists where you say it does. So they will want to send a post card with a verification code to your business address. They say that you’ll see this card in 3-5 business days. It’s really 2-4 weeks so be patient.

2. Yahoo Local - Of course the next biggie in the local search game is Yahoo. Yahoo is similar to Google. The goal is to show up on the map. So start by filling in all of your listing information. And just like Google Yahoo wants to verify you exist where you say you do. So again patience is the key because it can take longer than they say to get your post card.

3. Bing Local - Now we can’t leave Bing out now can we. Bing owned by Microsoft is sort of the new player in the game of local search. But they’re catching up quickly. So make sure to get your listing done and as before wait it out. Your postcard will arrive.

4. - Unlike the top three falls into a different category of free business listing sites. This type of site lets you set up a business listing but they’re not a regular search engine. This site is meant for locals to use to find businesses in their area. It encourages user interaction. They like customer reviews and always want more. But it’s also great for reinforcing what search engines already know about you.

5. - Now this site is really business friendly. Not only can you get listed but you can network with other business owners in your area. You can offer customer promotions and actually build your reputation with customers here. A good place for any small business owner to get listed. Definitely one of the better free business listing sites.

6. - This site is another good one for local listings. It seems to be very user friendly. Customers can submit reviews of businesses and they incorporate Google maps to make businesses easier to find. Definitely a good site to get your free business listing.

7. - Another good free business listing site. The one problem with them is not in the listing but the reviews. They do make it possible for fake reviews to be submitted. And you can definitely spot them on the site. But otherwise another good starting point for your local campaign.

Of course there are other sites. These are just some good places to get started. And the reason these are listed instead of sites like is that they are not yellow page websites. These are just free business listing sites that can help get a local search campaign started.

We hope it be will help in your business grow.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

IWell, a logo for your business. Why is it important?

Well, a logo for your business. Why is it important?
Does it matter what it looks like? 
Is Yours Professional? 


These are some good questions to ask when you are considering to get a logo design or already have a logo for your business. See a logo speaks volume about your company, it right off the bat tells your "future possible client" if you are reliable and instils trust in them. Although how good your service is matters, how you present your company is what will win you their trust and in the end win them as a client.

Even though in the end of everything, how good your service is will decide on if you are successful. The image of your company tells a lot in a little way. Your logo says to clients a few different things:

1. Are these guys professional?

2. Do they seem to care about their business (which in turns means do you care about your         clients)?

3. Do they seem to know what they are doing?

4. Does their business seem to be one I can trust to do the job right?

What makes a good logo you may ask? Well it comes down to a few things. Design, Colors and if it gives Your Business a clear Professional Image.

The design can differ from something as simple as the Microsoft text to represent your business, something as unique and colourful as the ebay logo or a symbol such as the GE(general electric) symbol. What makes the design so important is that it creates an image, that when seen is unique to your business and makes clients recognize your company automatically. As seen in the examples of the Microsoft, eBay or GE logos, the design can be simple or complex, just as long as it is unique.

Colors are an important factor in representing what business you are in. If you are in Finances or Banking you mainly see colors such as blue, green, black and sometimes gold. Although all colors can be used, in a way certain colors are associated better with different industries. Just look at fast food and junk food, they tend to go with brighter blues, reds, yellows and oranges which seems to make you want to eat more(hmmmm).

A professional image can be as simple as just a text logo with a different color letter in it to give it uniqueness, or a logo with a symbol to represent the company. Making it professional is what is important. The quality (meaning the texture of the logo is important) such as smooth curves and smooth text, all add to the quality of the logo. Having jagged edges or un-readable text can really hurt the quality of the logo which in turns can be negative to the image of the business.

So remember when Design a logo to keep it clean and clear, make it unique to your business and keep it professional!

marketing ideas

Whether you are looking for the full range of marketing, management or product development services, specific advertising products or just browsing for ideas, this is your one-stop source. 

Ideas are not just something we do, but something we are passionate about.  Creating new ideas, helping you with your ideas or finding alternative ways to achieve your business goals are primarily what we do all day. 
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If you are here for marketing, we have some great plans for you.  Direct marketing plans are focused on bringing in the results.  You can have us come into your office for an interactive training session resulting in a plan, or we can work with you one on one, whatever you find most beneficial.  Strategic Plans using our proprietary approach for a truly strategic direction for your company, and it actually works.
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